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Snoop Dogg, the legendary rapper and music icon, recently took to social media to request prayers for his mother who sadly passed away in October 2021. Describing her as a strong and admirable woman, Snoop thanked his fans for their support and praised his mother’s resilience in raising their family.

The bond between Snoop and his mother was truly special, as evident in his heartfelt song “Thank You For Having Me,” which he dedicated to her on Mother’s Day in 2019. In this touching tribute, Snoop expresses his deep appreciation for everything his mother has done for him throughout his life. He acknowledges the invaluable life lessons she imparted, encouraging him to remain cheerful and strong in the face of adversity.

Snoop Dogg also shared photos from his late mother’s burial on his Instagram page. These pictures capture cherished moments from happier times, including a heartwarming snapshot of Snoop and his mother together. In the caption, he mournfully writes, “Momma, I miss you. Today was all about you. Rest in peace.”

The passing of Beverly Tate, Snoop Dogg’s beloved mother, deeply affected not only the rapper but also a multitude of celebrities worldwide. Expressing their condolences and unity with Snoop, stars such as The Game, Russ, Cardi B, and many more joined him in mourning the loss of such an extraordinary woman.

During the private service in Long Beach, Snoop Dogg paid tribute to his mother dressed in a full red matching outfit, alongside his wife and other family members. Wearing a chain adorned with a picture of him and his mother, Snoop displayed a profound connection to his beloved relative. The presence of his siblings and grandchildren highlighted the close-knit bond shared among the family members.

Snoop’s celebrity friends took to social media platforms to pay tribute to his mother as well. David Beckham, the renowned footballer, sent his heartfelt message, saying, “Sending love and serenity to the family.” Meanwhile, Tyron Woodley and DJ Whoo Kid expressed their condolences through texts accompanied by praying hands emojis.

In a recent performance, Snoop Dogg dedicated his stage presence to his late mother. Although he hadn’t originally planned to perform that night, he felt compelled to honor his mother’s memory and represent the people, especially in light of recent events in Boston. Snoop Dogg believed that this was the kind of tribute his mother would have preferred.

Snoop Dogg’s love and admiration for his mother will continue to shine through his music and his memories, as he cherishes the impact she had on his life.

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