Should I feel bad that I messed up my son’s wedding?

My son is no longer a good parent or husband. He cheats on his wife and doesn’t spend time with his kids. Mike broke up with Jane, Tommy’s mother, after my grandson was born with Down syndrome. He left after that. I learned that he is getting married again.I know that as moms, we’re supposed to encourage and help our kids. I agree with everything. In light of this, I believe my acts were right.

Here is the background. Due to Jane getting pregnant, my son Mike got married when he was very young. I loved Jane from the moment I met her, even though it was rushed. I liked that she was just like the girl next door, which was great for Mike. And then, after a few months, my first baby, Tommy, was born! There was something wrong with his birth that made his eyes look so beautiful.

Tom was born with Down syndrome, though, which changed everything for Jane and Mike. Mike began cheating on her, and even though they had a child together and shared a past, he ended up filing for divorce. Mike left Jane to take care of Tommy. I was still there, of course, and I would do anything to help them both. It wasn’t the same, though. As long as both parents are still living, a child needs both of them.

Mike didn’t try to see his child or help out in any way, though. I didn’t understand how my son could be so cruel. I begged him to help Jane or come back. But he always shut the door in my face.My nephew Liam came over last month to pick up a cake for his mom. I’m the family baker, so he knew what to do. He also told me Mike was getting married again.To be fair, I didn’t know much about Mike these days.

I didn’t know anything about his new job or the girl he was seeing. I only knew that Mike had married a poor girl. And that I wasn’t asked to come. When I asked Liam for the address, he gave it to me right away. Tom and Jane were all I could think about. When did Mike become such a different person?As I walked up to the church, I could hear Mike’s voice as he said his vows. I walked in with Tommy on my hip and his sticky hands in my hair. I will always love the look of shock on Mike’s face.

As Michael St. John said, “Before you say ‘I do’ again, meet your first ‘I did’ and the family you left,”I talked to his poor fiancée. The sad look on her face was my fault, and I felt bad about it because she was a nice girl. Then the leader of the event told everyone to take a break and get a drink outside before the next part of the ceremony. That was fine with me. No matter how badly I wanted to make Mike look bad, I didn’t want to hurt his wife more than was necessary.

But not many people left. What I said made most of Mike’s family laugh, but his bride’s family was so shocked they could hardly speak. He got married young, had Tommy, cheated on Jane, and then divorced her without giving his son any money. I told everyone everything. I told her what was going to happen. “He may be my blood,” I told her as Mike paced behind her. “But I didn’t raise him to be this way.” Now Jane is more like a daughter to me than Mike is like a son.

My little grandson Tommy brought so much love into my life. I held him closer to me while he sucked his thumb. I think your son should have a dad who stays by his side. Mike, you are awful. And so different from the sweet boy I raised and loved more than anything else. When I left the room, everyone was shocked. My son was in shock, and his fiancée was thinking again about the man she fell in love with.

Liam and his mom, who is my sister, came over for coffee the next day. Liam told me that Mike’s fiancée started crying as the church doors shut behind Tommy and me. He said she threw her wedding bouquet at Mike, took her shoes off, and left the service while her family ran after her. Mike felt ashamed, angry, and confused in front of the guests, who were glued to their seats, possibly waiting for Jane to show up.

I understand that ruining his wedding might seem like a big deal. I’ll say it. But the whole thing was meant to teach Mike something important. He can still make things right with Tommy. I’m okay with Mike coming back to live with us as a son and father. Otherwise, if that’s too much for him, I’ll be happy if he pays for Tommy in some other way. But tell me, am I right for messing up my son’s wedding? If so, thanks for being able to see that.

What would you do instead if I didn’t?While you think about that, let me tell you another story: Jane is getting ready to marry Anthony when she starts to get texts from unknown people telling her not to. She finds out why the warnings were given when she goes on a wild goose chase to a nearby hotel.

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