I Thought I Was Hired as a Nanny, but Soon I Was Asked for So Much More – Story of the Day

I took up a full-time job at a rich couple’s house because I needed money for my husband’s treatment. Little did I know the couple would require more than 24 hours of my presence…

“Ma’am, your baby’s fever is over 100 degrees,” I told Kate, Kim’s mother and my boss. “You need to take her to a doctor right away.”

Kate glared at me. “Nah! There’s no need for a doctor. Just give her some pills. She’ll be fine.”

“But ma’am, she’s only six months old. She needs good care and, most importantly, her mother,” I explained.

“I don’t care, Linda! I’m off for a month,” Kate added then left.

This was the third time in the month that I was all alone with Kim. I felt terrible for her because her mother was just concerned with herself and never bothered to look after her child.

Kate never looked after Kim and often left her alone with me | Photo: Shutterstock

Kate never looked after Kim and often left her alone with me | Photo: Shutterstock

I had long dreamed of a baby, but God never blessed me with a child in my five years of marriage. This was one of the reasons why I adored my job as a kindergarten teacher and later on as a nanny. I love kids, to say the least.

But soon, my husband got sick and needed urgent heart surgery. So I had to find a better-paying job. And that’s precisely how I ended up at the interview with Kim’s parents.

Kim’s father, Edward, was way older than Kate. He was a 60-year-old man while Kim was still in her thirties.

“My wife and I are very busy, so we need a nanny with 24/7 availability,” Edward told me after the interview.

“Also, we’ll pay you three times what a regular nanny gets paid,” Kate added.

Kate and Edward offered me thrice a nanny's regular pay to look after Kim | Photo: Pexels

Kate and Edward offered me thrice a nanny’s regular pay to look after Kim | Photo: Pexels

I wasn’t expecting such a full-time job, but after consulting with my husband, I accepted the position and relocated to my employers’ home. Little did I know that soon, they’d require more than just my 24-hour presence.

Edward adored his baby girl so much that he made sure he spent time with her every day after work. But only three months after Kim’s birth, he passed away.

Unlike most wives, Kate didn’t shed a single tear when he died. “He was old, and it was bound to happen someday, so I’m not sad,” she said instead. And right after his funeral, Kate left Kim with me.

“I’m a model, and I have to fly off to shoots all the time, so now you’re in charge of all decisions pertaining to Kim’s health and life,” she told me.

Kate just cared about her wishes and comfort | Photo: Pexels

Kate just cared about her wishes and comfort | Photo: Pexels

I was stunned. “But it’s a huge responsibility, ma’am. I don’t think I can do it.”

“Shh… I’m doubling your salary,” Kate told me. “Just make sure she’s healthy, that’s all! The servants will help you around the house!”

My husband’s condition had worsened, and the surgery had to be performed in the coming months. So I had no choice but to agree to take care of Kim alone.

But while it was hectic looking after a child, I loved it. I had always dreamed of a daughter like Kim, so I was happy that I got to spend so much time with her alone. In fact, very soon, I got attached to the girl.

Several months passed like that, and my husband’s surgery was successful. However, during the following year, he needed expensive therapy for his recovery, so I continued to stay with Kim 24/7.

I loved spending time with Kim | Photo: Pexels

I loved spending time with Kim | Photo: Pexels

Kate came home occasionally, but she would be either asleep or busy getting ready for her next party. She never bothered about Kim. It felt pretty weird, considering Kim was her daughter.

So, one day, I confronted her. “Don’t you want to spend time with Kim and play with her?” I asked.

“Umm, no! I have an important meeting, so I’ll see you soon!” she said as she left the room.

I was always wary of Kate, suspecting that something wasn’t quite right with her, so when she declined the opportunity to spend time with Kim that day, I followed her around to see what she was up to. Surprisingly, she didn’t leave the house.

Instead, she went outside to talk to someone on the phone in the backyard. I was standing behind the porch, listening in on her conversation.

I overheard Kim and learned she was going to abandon Kim | Photo: Pexels

I overheard Kim and learned she was going to abandon Kim | Photo: Pexels

“I can’t wait to move in with you, my love,” she said on the call. “But I have to make sure Kim’s okay because I’ll have access to her inheritance only when she’s 18. I’ll get rid of her after that.”

I was shocked, but I managed to catch video footage of Kate’s threats, and the next morning, I went to the social services and informed them of Kate’s intentions. I also mentioned Kate’s constant absence and how she never seemed to care for her baby.

Social services took over Kim’s case, and a court hearing was convened. All the other servants confirmed what I said about Kate’s constant absence from her home. And the video of her threats to get rid of Kim was also admitted to the court as evidence.

Finally, the court deprived Kate of parental rights, and I started the process of adopting Kim. I also decided to lodge a written rejection of Kim’s money. I felt that Kim should be the one to decide what she wanted to do with it when she grew up. I just wanted to keep giving my love and care to an abandoned child.

Mu husband and I adopted Kim | Photo: Pexels

Mu husband and I adopted Kim | Photo: Pexels

Very soon, Kim moved in with my husband and me. We were over the moon that God had blessed us with a child. But a few months later, another miracle happened—I found out I was pregnant.

Being a mother was my greatest dream, and I couldn’t believe it would happen twice! I really think I am the luckiest woman and mother ever.

Meanwhile, Kate was far from happy as Edward’s will stated that she would lose all of her rights to his property if she lost her daughter. She ended up alone on the streets because, without money, even her young lover didn’t need her anymore.

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