What Do You Think About This Cross-Shaped Pier?

A heated dispute has erupted in the peaceful town of Ocean Grove, New Jersey, over the construction of a cross-shaped pier by the Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association. The decision made by this Christian group has left many residents feeling their religious freedom is being compromised.

Resurrecting Faith After Hurricane Sandy

In the wake of the devastating Hurricane Sandy that struck in 2012, the Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association sought to rebuild their Christian ideals by constructing a pier that symbolizes their faith. Although the project is privately funded and publicly accessible, it lacks official approval due to undisclosed funds. This has raised concerns among some residents about the intrusion of Christian values into state matters.

Critics Express Concerns

Those who oppose the construction of the $1.3 million, 500-foot long pier have labeled it as an act of “Christian bullying.” They worry about the implications it may have on the town and are urging officials to intervene. As a result, there are discussions about potentially delaying the scheduled opening on December 7, 2022.

Pastor Grote Voices Opposition

Presbyterian Pastor Douglas Grote is one of the vocal critics of the pier. He refers to it as an example of “Christian bullying” and plans to raise the issue at the upcoming Ocean Grove Home Owners Association meeting on September 24, 2022. Grote suggests that construction should be halted until a democratic approval process is conducted.

Balancing Freedom and Secularism

The controversy surrounding the cross-shaped pier highlights the delicate balance between religious freedom and secularism. It is crucial for the community to engage in open dialogue and show respect for diverse beliefs as they navigate through this issue.